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Online News: The Digital Dynamics of the News Media

Digital Media Literacy News

The Oklahoman is the largest daily newspaper in Oklahoma and is the only daily newspaper that covers the Greater Oklahoma City area.  NewsOK is a digital extension of The Oklahoman that maintains an app, twitter handle, and website.  NewsOk realized the lost of interest from consumers in newspapers and converted more to the digital perception.  The conversion of reaching out to smartphone users and computer lovers has been a success in the digital world.  The Oklahoman newspapers profit has decreased because of the switch to digital news.   (Top left- NewsOK App, Top right- NewsOK website, Bottom Left- NewsOK twitter handle)


How has storytelling and the written word changed in the digital age?



Week 3 Assignment


How do networks shape the way we organize information and communicate? What are networks? Networks are an arrangement of intersecting lines that are horizontal and vertical.  Networks share the same aspects as trees shared in the earlier centuries.  Tress were essentially … Continue reading 

Evaluating Information Online


I chose to evaluate my high school’s (Douglass High School) website  Their contact information is  The website was published and copyright by school desk in 2011.  All of the links were updated and working.  The website is referring to the … Continue reading 


Week 2 Reflection Evaluating Online Information


I once believed that all online information was reliable and true.  Recently, I’ve realized how naive that perception was especially after reading articles like and which explained in depth, how to be skeptical of social media.  The article previously mentioned explains thoroughly what … Continue reading 



Reflection 1

Convergence is when different people or things come together to meet. Media started to become social when Mark Zuckerberg (C.E.O of Facebook) created an addition to Facebook called the News Feed. The News Feed allowed users to view their friends daily activities with out having to go to their friends page. This made it easier for friends to stay in touch with each other. The key skills for new media literacy are to be open and willing for change because technology is always updating and improving.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 5.07.55 PMEpic 2015 (Evolving Personalized Information Construct) is a benefit but disadvantage reflection of what media is today. It’s benefiting because a person gets to know people faster who share similar interest. On the other hand, Epic is very narrowed and filtered which does not give a person the chance to broaden their mindset about different cultures and things. Epic video reflects the reality of media by showing the lack of work a person has to do to get a group of people together. Instead of meeting at a physical place, a group of people can chat together online and still accomplish the same goals as meeting at a physical location.

New media has changed the way we learn, communicate and create culture in a plethora of ways.  It has changed the paste in the way we learn.  Lessons can be learned much faster, for example, online classes which gives students benefits in learning at their own paste.  We no longer have to wait on the teacher/professor to assign a lesson we could possibly finish all the months lessons in a week.  New media has harmed the way we communicate, such as, only having courage behind your phone.  Some people may associate through social media just fine but in person too timid to speak.  On the other hand, there’s networking benefits.  Ranging from recruiting with coaches to finding family members just by searching your last name.  New media has allowed creating culture easier to expand.  If you are interested in something and would like to interact with people with the same interest, it’s only one click away with search engines like Google and Yahoo.



Hello everyone!  My name is Alise Bundage, I am a freshman Broadcast Journalism Major from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I have two loving brothers; one a junior who attends the University of Arizona and my younger brother who is a junior in high school, both of them participate in football.  I have dreams and ambitions of becoming a sideline reporter.  Football has been in my life longer than I can remember.  I learned the positions on the football field before I learned how to paint my nails.  As I became older I realized how much of a passion I had for football.  I am also a member of the Howard University flag football team.  Writing has always been my favorite thing to do. So why not settle for a career in doing two things I love?

My goals and dreams are important to me, however, my morals and personal beliefs are essential.  I am a member of Creston Hills Church of Christ in Oklahoma.  While living in DC, I’ve been attending Georgia Avenue Church of Christ.  I hope you all enjoy my posts!  Feel free to comment at any time.





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