Who’s Taller Than 6-feet Over 300 pounds and Faster Than a Cheetah… Arizona’s O-line!

The Wildcats were back at it with their unstoppable Rich Rod offense as they defeated the Washington Huskies 27-26.  But what about the foundation of the offense?  The mighty O-line.  Does anyone stop to think about how the over 6-foot 300 pound linemen deal with the swiftness of the offense?  I often wonder how do the big 6 foot plus 300 pound lineman keep up with the quickness of the offense.  Not only does the O-line have to worry about blocking, but resetting their position within an allotted time of 7 or less seconds to get ready for the next play.  It was never better articulated than when Arizona’s most aggressive lineman, Cayman Bundage #61, said “We don’t get tired.”  When asked how does he perceive the strategy of the offense, Bundage stated “The fast tempo works to the advantage of the team who’s in the best shape.”  The O-line might be over 6 feet and weigh more than 300 pounds, but they’re still faster than cheetah’s when it comes to lining up on the line of scrimmage for the next play.  Well, that sums it all up.  The O-line are in tip-toe shape for the Rich Rod game.  We’ll see how true that is when my brother and I go home for Christmas break and race.



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