Reflection 1

Convergence is when different people or things come together to meet. Media started to become social when Mark Zuckerberg (C.E.O of Facebook) created an addition to Facebook called the News Feed. The News Feed allowed users to view their friends daily activities with out having to go to their friends page. This made it easier for friends to stay in touch with each other. The key skills for new media literacy are to be open and willing for change because technology is always updating and improving.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 5.07.55 PMEpic 2015 (Evolving Personalized Information Construct) is a benefit but disadvantage reflection of what media is today. It’s benefiting because a person gets to know people faster who share similar interest. On the other hand, Epic is very narrowed and filtered which does not give a person the chance to broaden their mindset about different cultures and things. Epic video reflects the reality of media by showing the lack of work a person has to do to get a group of people together. Instead of meeting at a physical place, a group of people can chat together online and still accomplish the same goals as meeting at a physical location.

New media has changed the way we learn, communicate and create culture in a plethora of ways.  It has changed the paste in the way we learn.  Lessons can be learned much faster, for example, online classes which gives students benefits in learning at their own paste.  We no longer have to wait on the teacher/professor to assign a lesson we could possibly finish all the months lessons in a week.  New media has harmed the way we communicate, such as, only having courage behind your phone.  Some people may associate through social media just fine but in person too timid to speak.  On the other hand, there’s networking benefits.  Ranging from recruiting with coaches to finding family members just by searching your last name.  New media has allowed creating culture easier to expand.  If you are interested in something and would like to interact with people with the same interest, it’s only one click away with search engines like Google and Yahoo.


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