Hello everyone!  My name is Alise Bundage, I am a freshman Broadcast Journalism Major from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I have two loving brothers; one a junior who attends the University of Arizona and my younger brother who is a junior in high school, both of them participate in football.  I have dreams and ambitions of becoming a sideline reporter.  Football has been in my life longer than I can remember.  I learned the positions on the football field before I learned how to paint my nails.  As I became older I realized how much of a passion I had for football.  I am also a member of the Howard University flag football team.  Writing has always been my favorite thing to do. So why not settle for a career in doing two things I love?

My goals and dreams are important to me, however, my morals and personal beliefs are essential.  I am a member of Creston Hills Church of Christ in Oklahoma.  While living in DC, I’ve been attending Georgia Avenue Church of Christ.  I hope you all enjoy my posts!  Feel free to comment at any time.



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